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Here I want to share a little problem that I have with the whole licensing process that we go through for getting products approved with Northwestern University logos. Through the years we have had a lot of products that were not approved, some of which did not make sense but who am I to argue with that. But here is one thing that I definitely have a problem with and I hope some of you customers would make noise about this. To be candid I am not a Christian myself and for that matter I am not sure what I am when it comes to religion. But what has bothered me for the past few years is that I order Christmas Ornaments for Kellogg and they keep on getting cancelled because they get rejected by Kellogg Licensing process. I really do not understand this one. Apparently Christmas Ornaments are okay with pure Northwestern logos but when it goes to Kellogg they become a problem. I wonder why. Am I the only one that this does not make sense to? What type of policy is this? Who is making these decisions and what type of medications are they on? Would somebody please explain the rational here. I have asked time and again and have not got any answers. I would understand if they deny Christmas Ornaments altogether with Northwestern logos. Although every other schools has that, but I can say that Northwestern University wants to set the standard in being politically correct and not have any religious affiliation. But apparently it is okay with every other department to have the Ornament but not Kellogg.
I think somebody has to bring to Kellogg’s attention that this does not make sense. At the very least we would find out what issues they have with Christmas Ornaments and that may shed some light on a lot of other items that they keep rejecting.
I would love to hear from any of our customers that are fired up about this issue as I am. And as I mentioned earlier the religion has got nothing to do with this.
Please contact me at my cell phone 847-338-7166 to discuss what we can do about this.
May 1, 2019
10:30 PM

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